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EloLegic C-Lever

Product Code: ELOU14

The C-Lever mechatronic door fitting excels in high user friendliness, elegant design and compact dimensions. The electronics are integrated in the fitting and recognise keys, ID cards or other media without contact. If a valid medium is read by the electronics, a motor engages the handle coupling and the door can be opened for five seconds. With TimePro functions a time period for permanently open doors can be programmed, if eg. a door should be accessible without identification.

In addition, the Legic® chip allows other applications such as time attendance, cash free payment and registration. The Kaba C-Lever truly is the clever door solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to retrofit existing mechanical door locks to a mechatronic stand alone access control system
  • Can be used in existing locking systems
  • Simple and fast installation
  • No external wiring
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Flexible time programming for permanent and/or temporary access, as well as day/night and office function (TimePro).
  • Up to 2400 media per electronics
  • Transaction memory for the last 1000 movements
  • Can be used for panic doors
  • Integrates into Kaba elolegic and Exos access control series
  • Used in conjunction with our standard MS Mortice Lock or other equivalent Australian style Mortice Locks.
  • Illuminating ring with visual signal. Green - access granted. Red - access denied


Satin Nickel Plate