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Kaba TouchGo

Product Code: KABO16

Kaba TouchGo - Opens Doors With Just a Touch

Kaba TouchGo simplifies life for people in care and nursing homes.

No searching for the key – the hands are free. Kaba TouchGo is the ideal solution for care homes with dementia patients. Your residents will feel comfortable and safe in their rooms without being disturbed.

Kaba TouchGo is an electronic lock that automatically recognizes the transponder in the pocket. The room can be entered normally by pressing the door handle, unauthorised people stay out.

This selective access ensures privacy and security for all inhabitants. And this in an easy, convenient and reliable way.

Advantages of the Kaba TouchGo locking system

  • Hands-free - your hand is the key
  • More security
  • More privacy
  • More time for patients
  • Selective access – helps your organisation
  • Easy to manage