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The Lockwood High Security 334 Series Brass Case Padlock range feature shackles designed for high security and high corrosion applications.


  • Commercial and industrial applications.

Features of the High Security 334 Series Brass Case Padlocks

  • Heavy duty, solid brass case extrusion
  • High corrosion resistant 8.7mm Boron steel Rapid Change Shackle
  • Rapid Change Function allows the release of the shackle by turning the key and depressing the pin
  • Double ball locking
  • Extended shackle models
  • Stainless steel shackle models
  • Standard as latching function
  • Can be converted to deadlocking (key retained) by simply relocating the camplate pin in the cylinder assembly

SCEC Endorsment
The 334B45/119 model padlock is SCEC Endorsed for Intruder Resistant Areas.

Lockwood 334B Padlock

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